Sony reveals ‘Massive Action Game’

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it certainly lives up to its name

The last segment of Sony’s E3 keynote was dedicated to this new game under construction by the makers of SOCOM, termed MAG or Massive Action Game. The name certainly seems to be suitable with the game effectively being a giant, slightly futuristic SOCOM MMO.

Andy Beaudoin, speaker on behalf of Zipper Interactive, said the concept of the game was something along the lines of, “SOCOM set 15 years into the future,” and is set over many terrain types with complex tactics at the core of the gameplay. Most impressively of all the game boasts 256 player multi-player.

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Fallout 3 E3 trailer

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Fallout 3 E3 trailer“, posted with vodpod

Every now and again there are those videos that come along and at the end you have to ask for someone to get you a new pair of pants. This is one of those videos. It’s just amazing, the references to Fallout 1’s opening is very clever and the whole beauty of this astonishes me.
I need this game, NOW.

Konami announces first MGO expansion

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Konami has always been a very diligent producer of games so the fact that they have already announced what appears to be a complete expansion should come as no surprise.

The expansion, named “Metal Gear Online Gene Expansion” is as of yet un-dated and un-priced but Konami has revealed the details of the expansion pack which is certainly extensive.

The first element to the expansion pack is the inclusion of 3 new maps based off the Metal Gear Solid 4 storyline.

Coppertown Conflict is based off the Middle Eastern city featured in the first act of MGS4.

Tomb of Tubes seems to be based on the sewer system Eva and Snake enter in act three.

Virtuous Vista from the power station assaulted by the Militia in the middle of act two.

The second element to the expansion is the inclusion of two playable characters from the main game, Meryl and Akiba. Meryl is an expert when it comes to using handguns and has several traits which allow her to aid her team more, firstly she can wake them up earlier and secondly her presence increases the psyche of teammates near her. Akiba’s skills however lie in the disarmament of traps which he can turn into items.

The final section is the inclusion of the ability to create a female character to play as (you will need a new character slot) and a “survival mode” (which as of yet has not been explained) and a Reward shop in which you can buy gear for your character using points earned in survival mode.

All in all a rather extensive and satisfying expansion pack, as Big Boss would say, “This is good, Isn’t it?”

Google Earth so good Zombies fear it

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The recently updated Playstation Japan has revealed a count down timer to a new game called ‘The last guy’. according to Kotaku’s story the game is to use Google Earth top create a world in whcih you have a top down view and task you with leading survivors to safety whilst avoiding the shambelling ranks of the living dead. As pretty much every gaem with zombies in it is awesome and this takes a new, non-violent, take on the idea of a zombie holocaust for the PSN I have great hopes for this game. Expect more on this on Friday the 11th when the timer is set to stop.

Just a note for that friday, I may post the story early on the saturday due to me being in London at the houses of Parliment for much of the day.

No Fallout for Australia

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According to Kotaku it appears that the Australian rating board has refused to update the up coming Fallout 3, in effect banning its sale in Australia until changes are made. The Australian games board is notorious for its position on the ratings for video games due to their refusal to allow games to be rated 18+, effectively banning most violent games. The game itself is going to follow both Fallout 1 and 2 which would mean that several items would be deemed ‘unsuitable’ in Australia. Mainly, the high levels of violence, the prostitution industry and the use of both prescription and illegal drugs in game. Hopefully changes will be made and the game will be rated as it would be a shame for Australia to miss out on what I think will be game of the year.

I’d just like to point out that I love Fallout, and did audibly sob and swear at amazon for only allowing America to have access to the truly amazing Fallout 3:Survivor edition. Europe deserves a PIP boy alarm clock!

Metal Gear Online Updated

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Yesterday Metal Gear Online was updated though you may have missed it. Whilst there may not have been a huge map included there was a new game mode, namely Team Sneak, a hybrid of Team Deathmatch, Capture and Sneaking.

The game splits players into two teams, one as a team of PMCs and the other as a team of stealth soldiers. The team of stealth soldiers then have to either catch GA-KO or KEROTAN and return it to their base for a short period of time with the PMCs fighting to defend the targets. Whilst the PMCs have the usual weaponry (either a SMG or Assault-Rifle, Operator and frag grenades) the real change is in the armaments of the stealth soldiers who instead of carrying conventional weapons carry only tranquilizer guns, a choice of either stun/flash/chaff/e.locator grenades, stun knife and a stealth camouflage unit. The PMCs win by surviving the round without the targets being captured or by killing all stealth soldiers whilst the stealth soldiers win by killing or stunning all PMCs or capturing one of the targets.

I haven’t had any extended play time with this mode only engaging in one match but I have to say its a really fun quick game mode. The team work for both sides is crucial so communication is incredibly necessary with SOP being a must. The addition of PMCs being able to be alerted by encountering a stealth soldier and to spread the message (much like in the single player game) adds real strategy to the game with the stealth soldiers best bet to be to set up ambushes using 2-3 men to quickly knock out a target.
Definitely check this game mode out, especially on Ambush Alley where the sneaking comes into its own and PMCs must be alert.

On a side note, feel free to add me on your PSN, my name is Mizzuru (capital M is necessary) and I’ll be willing to join you in Warhawk, MGO, GTA IV and if pushed COD4 despite the fact I haven’t played for a while.

Update 2.40, where are the bloody trophies!?

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what game are these from anyway?
Now Sony, I have been an avid gamer on my PS3 ever since I bought it at the beginning of the year and whilst you have managed to lure me away from my original Nintendo roots I have also realised why I was always so suspicious of you. You mean well and you do listen to the community, as that is one of the main reasons we now have an in-game cross media bar and trophy system, you are only half committed to bringing them out. My main problem is the trophy system or current lack there of. I updated yesterday after reading on Joystiq that I would be able to get trophies for playing Warhawk, “great!” I thought, ” I’ve just finished GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, this is a real chance to get my teeth stuck into Warhawk again”, but were there any? No. Apparently those trophies aren’t out yet and from what I can tell the only games that currently have them are Super Stardust HD and Pixeljunk:Eden, which isn’t even out yet. Nicely planned Sony, when I get given a trophy system I’d quite like some trophies to be able to win, now my updated friends icon just sits there and mocks me. Level 0…level 0…level 0…

Please Stand By…

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I would like to officially announce the reopening of this blog. It has been several months since I have last had any chance to begin to start work on the blog again mainly due to the huge work load I had when it came to starting my A level course. Whilst the work hasn’t gotten any less difficult there is currently not as much, and whilst I still need to read about 5 books on whether or not Hitler was a weak dictator or not I would like to restart this blog again.

This time round the blog will be a lot lighter on the Nintendo scene due to me falling out with my Wii and the company in general over gross amounts of shovel-ware and the fact that its the first week of July and the UK STILL hasn’t gotten super smash bros. So expect a lot more coverage for Sony and Microsoft, a large weighing on film again (especially with the dark knight coming out next month) and a lot more music with me reviewing albums and gigs and even Leeds Fest.

So whilst I usually give up bad ideas that I will never carry out lets see what happens when I don’t. Lets get this train-wreck a’rollin!